What are the major cultural events in Martinique?

The most anticipated festivals in Martinique

Martinique is a Caribbean island renowned for its rich and vibrant culture. Each year, numerous festivals attract visitors and locals, celebrating the diversity and creativity of this magnificent island. Here are some of the most anticipated festivals in Martinique:

1. Martinique International Jazz Festival

  • Date: January 15-20
  • Location: Fort de France
  • Renowned international and local artists
  • Open-air concerts and in different venues on the island

2. Festival of the Sea and Marine Cultures

  • Date: February 5-7
  • Location: Sainte-Anne
  • Water activities: diving, sailing, fishing
  • Exhibitions on marine wildlife and fishing traditions

3. Fort-de-France Cultural Festival

  • Date: April 15-30
  • Location: Fort de France
  • Traditional dance and music performances
  • Local arts and crafts exhibits

4. Music Festival

  • Date: June 21
  • Location: Throughout the island
  • Outdoor concerts in the streets and public squares
  • All musical genres represented: zouk, reggae, salsa, jazz, etc.

5. Sugarcane Festival

  • Date: July 15-30
  • Location: Sainte-Marie
  • Sugar cane cutting demonstrations
  • Tasting of rum and sugar cane products

6. Creole Gastronomy Festival

  • Date: September 15-20
  • Location: Le Marin
  • Parade of traditional dishes of Creole cuisine
  • Chef competitions and free tastings

7. Martinique Theater Festival

  • Date: November 1-15
  • Location: Fort de France
  • Plays in Creole and French
  • Theater workshops for amateurs

8. Contemporary Dance Festival

  • Date: December 15-30
  • Location: Schoelcher
  • International contemporary dance performances
  • Dance workshops open to all levels

9. Traditional Music Festival

  • Date: March 15-20
  • Location: The Diamond
  • Traditional Martinican music concerts: bèlè, quadrille, biguine
  • Dance and percussion workshops to learn traditional rhythms

10. Literature and poetry festival

  • Date: February 1-15
  • Location: Saint Pierre
  • Readings and conferences by renowned Martinican writers
  • Writing workshops for literature lovers

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Art exhibitions not to be missed

Martinique is a true land of inspiration for artists from around the world. Its lush landscapes, white sand beaches and rich culture provide an ideal setting for artistic creation. Here are some of the art exhibitions not to be missed in Martinique:

1. “Colours of the Caribbean” exhibition

  • Location: Art Gallery of Fort-de-France
  • Date: April 1-30
  • Works by local and international artists
  • Paintings, sculptures and photographs

2. Exhibition “The soul of Martinique”

  • Location: Saint-Pierre Art Museum
  • Date: May 15 to September 15
  • Works by famous Martinican artists
  • Depictions of the island's nature, culture and history

3. “Art and Creole tradition” exhibition

  • Location: Schoelcher House of Culture
  • Date: July 1 to August 31
  • Works by local artists inspired by Martinican traditions
  • Paintings, sculptures and installations

4. “Views of the Caribbean” exhibition

  • Venue: Le Marin Art Gallery
  • Date: September 1 to October 31
  • Works by contemporary Caribbean artists
  • Paintings, photographs and videos

5. Exhibition "Art and nature"

  • Location: Balata Garden
  • Date: all year
  • Sculptures and installations by Martinican artists
  • Integrated into the lush vegetation of the garden

6. Exhibition “Artists in residence”

  • Location: House of Culture of Fort-de-France
  • Date: November 1 to December 31
  • Works by artists in residence in Martinique
  • Paintings, sculptures, performances and installations

7. “Contemporary Caribbean Art” exhibition

  • Location: Clément Foundation
  • Date: from January 1 to March 31
  • Works by contemporary artists from the Caribbean
  • Paintings, installations, videos and performances

8. Exhibition "Martinique in black and white"

  • Location: Sainte-Anne Art Gallery
  • Date: April 1 to June 30
  • Photographic works in black and white
  • Landscapes, portraits and scenes of Martinican life

9. "Art and heritage" exhibition

  • Location: Musée de la Pagerie
  • Date: all year
  • Works inspired by Martinican heritage
  • Paintings, sculptures and installations

10. Exhibition "The art of recycling"

  • Location: Rivière-Salée Arts and Culture Center
  • Date: October 1 to December 31
  • Works made from recycled objects
  • Sculptures, installations and collages

These art exhibitions will invite you to immerse yourself in the creative and exciting world of Martinique.

The dance shows that rock the island

Dance is an essential component of Martinique culture. It expresses the energy, passion and creativity of this Caribbean island. Here are some of the dance shows that rock the island of Martinique:

1. Traditional dance show “Bèlè en madness”

  • Location: House of Dance in Fort-de-France
  • Date: every Friday evening
  • Traditional dancers and musicians
  • Interactive show to learn the bèlè dance steps

2. Contemporary dance show "Between the worlds"

  • Location: Aimé Césaire Theater
  • Date: June 15-20
  • Local and international contemporary dance companies
  • Original creations and innovative performances

3. “Creole Swing” jazz dance show

  • Location: Sainte-Luce village hall
  • Date: August 1-15
  • Local jazz dancers and musicians
  • Show combining dance, music and improvisation

4. “Urban Vibes” hip-hop dance show

  • Location: Rivière-Pilote Cultural Center
  • Date: September 15-30
  • Hip-hop dance groups from Martinique and elsewhere
  • Battles, demonstrations and workshops for urban dance enthusiasts

5. Afro-Caribbean dance show “Rhythms in Motion”

  • Location: Fort-de-France convention center
  • Date: November 1-15
  • Afro-Caribbean dance companies from Martinique and neighboring islands
  • Colorful show, mixing traditional and contemporary dances

6. Classical dance show “Caribbean Stars”

  • Location: Fort-de-France Opera
  • Date: January 15-30
  • Classical ballet dancers from Martinique and international guests