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Welcome to the “Living in wood Guadeloupe” catalog, your source of inspiration for ecological and sustainable wooden houses. In this article, we will present to you our wide choice of models adapted to the tropical climate, our high quality constructions at affordable prices, as well as our team of experts ready to advise you.

Ecological and sustainable wooden houses

At “Vivre en bois Guadeloupe”, we are committed to preserving the environment. This is why all our houses are built from wood, a renewable natural resource. In addition, we use environmentally friendly construction techniques, such as thermal insulation and the use of natural and non-toxic materials. Living in a wooden house means choosing a sustainable and authentic way of life.

  • Advantages of ecological wooden houses:
    • Reduction of carbon footprint
    • Improved indoor air quality
    • Natural temperature regulation
    • Responsible use of natural resources

A wide choice of models for all tastes

Whether you like traditional wooden houses or more modern designs, our catalog offers a wide variety of models to satisfy all tastes. From single-storey houses to two-story houses, including houses on stilts, you will certainly find the wooden house of your dreams.

  • Examples of models available:
    • Traditional Creole house
    • Contemporary house with green roof
    • Modern villa with swimming pool
    • Wooden bungalow for vacation

Wooden houses adapted to the tropical climate

Guadeloupe enjoys a tropical climate, with warm temperatures all year round. This is why our wooden houses have been specially designed to adapt to these climatic conditions. Thanks to effective thermal insulation and natural ventilation, our homes stay cool in summer and warm in winter, providing you with optimal comfort all year round.

  • Characteristics of houses adapted to tropical climate:
    • Reinforced thermal insulation
    • Natural ventilation for optimal air circulation
    • Roof resistant to heavy rain and strong winds

High quality construction at affordable prices

At “Vivre en bois Guadeloupe”, we believe that living in a quality wooden house should not be an inaccessible luxury. That's why we offer high-quality construction at affordable prices. Thanks to our partnerships with local artisans and our optimized manufacturing process, we are able to offer you high-quality wooden houses at competitive prices.

  • Advantages of our high quality constructions:
    • Durability and longevity
    • Weather resistance
    • Low maintenance

A team of experts at your disposal to advise you

At “Vivre en bois Guadeloupe”, we make it a point of honor to offer quality customer service. Our team of experts is at your disposal to advise you and support you throughout your project. Whether you have questions about our different models, need help choosing materials or advice on construction, we are here to help.

  • Services offered by our team of experts:
    • Personalized advice for your project
    • Help with the design of your wooden house
    • Construction monitoring and technical assistance

Enjoy a healthy and environmentally friendly home

Living in a wooden house means enjoying a healthy and environmentally friendly habitat. Wood, as a natural material, promotes better indoor air quality by regulating humidity. In addition, our wooden houses are built with natural and non-toxic materials, guaranteeing a healthy environment for you and your family.

  • Advantages of a healthy and environmentally friendly home:
    • Better indoor air quality
    • Reduction of allergies and respiratory problems
    • Use of natural and non-toxic materials

Wooden houses that combine aesthetics and functionality

Aesthetics and functionality are two essential elements in the design of our wooden houses. We believe that your home should be both beautiful and functional, in harmony with your lifestyle. This is why our wooden houses are carefully designed to combine aesthetics, comfort and practicality.

  • Characteristics of houses combining aesthetics and functionality:
    • Modern and stylish designs
    • Open and bright living spaces
    • Optimization of storage space

Tailor-made solutions to meet your needs

At “Vivre en bois Guadeloupe”, we understand that each client is unique and has specific needs. This is why we offer tailor-made solutions to meet your needs. Whether you want a specific sized home, custom interior designs, or special features, we are here to make your vision come true.

  • Examples of tailor-made solutions:
    • Wooden house extension
    • Adding a wooden deck
    • Design of a tropical garden

Transform your dream into reality with Vivre en bois Guadeloupe

With “Living in wood Guadeloupe”, you can turn your dream of living in a wooden house into reality. Our catalog is full of ideas and models to inspire you. Whether you want to build a main house, a vacation home or a luxury villa, we are here to support you in all stages of your project.

  • Steps to turn your dream into reality:
    • Consultation with our team of experts
    • Choice of model and materials
    • Construction and monitoring of the project

A local business that promotes traditional craftsmanship

“Vivre en bois Guadeloupe” is a local company that promotes traditional craftsmanship. We work closely with local artisans to produce high-quality wooden houses, while preserving traditional know-how. By choosing “Living in wood Guadeloupe”, you support the local economy and contribute to the preservation of traditional craftsmanship in Guadeloupe.

  • Benefits of our collaboration with local artisans:
    • Promotion of local employment
    • Transmission of traditional know-how
    • Use of local materials

Choose a sustainable and authentic lifestyle

By choosing to live in a wooden house from “Vivre en bois Guadeloupe”, you are choosing a sustainable and authentic way of life. Wood, as a natural and renewable material, offers many advantages in terms of ecology and health. In addition, by promoting local crafts, you help preserve the cultural identity of Guadeloupe.

  • Benefits of a sustainable and authentic lifestyle:
    • Respect the environment
    • Preservation of cultural identity
    • Improved quality of life
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