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Visit Neisson Martinique Distillery

Welcome to the Neisson Martinique distillery, an essential place for rum lovers and distillation enthusiasts. This article will guide you through the fascinating history of the distillery, the process of making Neisson rum, the different varieties of rum produced, the aging methods used, the secrets of distillation, and much more. Prepare to discover a world of unique flavors and aromas in this article dedicated to visiting the Neisson Martinique distillery.

The history of the Neisson Martinique distillery

Founded in 1931 by a group of sugar cane planters, the Neisson Martinique distillery quickly became a reference in the rum industry. Located on the north coast of the island, the distillery benefits from an ideal climate for the cultivation of sugar cane and the production of superior quality rum.

The Neisson rum manufacturing process

The process of making Neisson rum is an art passed down from generation to generation. It all starts with the rigorous selection of the sugar cane varieties most suited to the production of rum. Once harvested, the sugar cane is pressed to extract the sweet juice, called vesou. This vesou is then fermented for several days, then distilled in traditional copper stills.

The different varieties of rum produced by Neisson

The Neisson Distillery produces a wide range of rums, each with its own distinct personality and characteristics. Among the most popular varieties are white agricultural rum, which is ideal for cocktails, amber rum, which has benefited from aging in oak barrels, and old rum, which is aged for several years in Oak barrels.

Discover the aging methods used

Rum aging is a crucial step in the production of certain varieties of Neisson rum. The distillery uses carefully selected oak barrels to give the rum unique aromas and flavors. Some Neisson rums are aged in bourbon barrels, while others are aged in cognac barrels. This diversity of aging gives Neisson rum an incomparable richness and complexity.

The secrets of distillation at Neisson

The distillation of rum at Neisson is a meticulous process that requires great expertise. The copper stills used during distillation preserve the delicate aromas of the sugar cane and produce a high quality rum. The distillers at Neisson have mastered the art of distillation to obtain balanced and refined rums.

A guided tour of the Neisson distillery

During your visit to the Neisson distillery, you will have the opportunity to discover behind the scenes of rum production. A guided tour will take you through sugar cane fields, copper stills, aging barrels, and much more. You will also be able to taste different Neisson rums and learn more about tasting techniques.

The importance of sugar cane in the production of rum

Sugar cane plays an essential role in the production of Neisson rum. Grown locally on the island, this tropical plant is the main raw material for making rum. The quality of the sugar cane used at Neisson is reflected in the rich flavors and aromas of their rums.

Meet the experts behind Neisson rum

The Neisson Distillery is proud to count among its ranks world-renowned experts in the rum industry. These dedicated enthusiasts put their know-how and experience at the service of producing exceptional rums. During your visit to the distillery, you may have the chance to meet some of these experts and learn more about their work.

Neisson Martinique’s awards and distinctions

Over the years, Neisson Martinique has received numerous awards and distinctions for the exceptional quality of its rums. These awards demonstrate the distillery's continued commitment to excellence and the pursuit of innovation in rum production.

Food and rum pairings to taste at Neisson

To complete the tasting experience, the Neisson distillery offers specially selected food and rum pairings. These tasty combinations highlight the aromas and flavors of Neisson rum, combining them with local and refined dishes. Explore the possibilities and discover new flavors during your visit.

An overview of tourist attractions near the distillery

The Neisson distillery is located in a picturesque region of Martinique, surrounded by beautiful landscapes and tourist sites. Take advantage of your visit to discover the white sandy beaches, green mountains and traditional villages of the island. Soak up the local culture and explore the natural wonders of Martinique.

How to plan your visit to the Neisson Distillery

To plan your visit to the Neisson Martinique distillery, it is recommended to book in advance. Guided tours are offered at specific times, allowing you to discover the distillery in the best conditions. Be sure to check information on opening times, prices and booking conditions before heading to the distillery.

In conclusion, visiting the Neisson Martinique distillery is an unmissable experience for all rum lovers. Discover the history, production methods, and unique flavors of Neisson rums. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of distillation and explore the wonders of Martinique. Whether you are a rum connoisseur or simply curious, Neisson Martinique will seduce you with its passion and exceptional know-how.

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