visit the garden of balata martinique

Visit to the garden of Balata Martinique

The Balata Garden is a magnificent botanical garden located in Martinique. It offers visitors a unique experience by allowing them to discover the richness of the tropical flora of the island. In this article, we will present the different characteristics of the garden, the plants present, the discovery trails, the points of interest, the activities offered, as well as the visiting times and prices.

Location of Balata Garden

The Balata garden is located in the town of Fort-de-France, in Martinique. It is located about 10 kilometers from the capital, in the valley of the Falaise River. Easily accessible by car, it is also served by shuttles from the city center. The garden is located over an area of 3 hectares, offering visitors vast spaces to explore.

History and origin of the garden

The Balata garden was created in 1982 by Jean-Philippe Thoze. Passionate about botany, he wanted to recreate a tropical garden in the style of the gardens of his native Martinique. The garden is the fruit of several years of work and patience. Today, it has become a veritable plant paradise, attracting thousands of visitors each year.

Characteristics of tropical flora

The Balata Garden is home to an incredible diversity of tropical plants. There you will find majestic palm trees, colorful flowers, climbing lianas, exotic trees and plants endemic to Martinique. The flora is luxuriant and offers a striking visual spectacle. Visitors will be able to admire rare species and discover the particularities of each plant.

The different types of plants present

The Balata garden brings together a wide variety of plants, classified into different categories. There are notably flowering plants, carnivorous plants, medicinal plants, aromatic plants and fruit plants. Each space in the garden is dedicated to a particular type of plant, allowing visitors to discover them thematically.

Discovery trails and circuits

The Balata garden offers several trails and discovery circuits. Visitors can choose to wander freely in the garden or follow marked routes. Each trail allows you to discover a different aspect of the garden, ranging from medicinal plants to century-old trees and aquatic areas. Information panels are placed throughout the routes to allow visitors to learn more about the specificities of each plant.

Points of interest in the Balata garden

The Balata garden has several points of interest that are worth discovering. Among them, there is a suspension bridge offering a panoramic view of the garden, a greenhouse housing fragile tropical plants, as well as a pond housing giant water lilies. Each of these points of interest offers a unique experience and allows visitors to further immerse themselves in the beauty of nature.

Activities and entertainment offered

The Balata garden also offers various activities and entertainment to make the visit even more enriching. Guided tours are organized regularly, allowing visitors to learn more about the specificities of the garden and ask a professional their questions. Gardening workshops and temporary exhibitions are also offered, providing an interactive and educational experience.

Visit times and prices

The Balata garden is open every day of the week, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Entrance prices vary depending on the age of visitors, with discounts for children, students and seniors. It is possible to buy entry tickets on site or online, which allows you to avoid queues at the entrance.

Instructions and rules to follow

In order to preserve the beauty of this unique place, visitors are asked to respect certain instructions and rules. In particular, it is forbidden to pick flowers or plants, feed animals in the garden, or throw away waste. It is also recommended to stay on marked trails and not disturb the flora and fauna.

On-site services and amenities

The Balata Garden has several services and amenities to ensure the comfort of visitors. Toilets are available in different places in the garden, as well as a shop where you can buy souvenirs or products from local flora. A restaurant is also present to allow visitors to eat and fully enjoy their visit.

Reviews of garden visitors

Visitors to the Balata garden are unanimous about the beauty and richness of this place. They praise the diversity of plants, the cleanliness of the places and the quality of the information provided by the information panels. Many visitors highly recommend a visit to the garden, calling it a must-see during a stay in Martinique.

How to get to Balata Garden

To get to the Balata garden, it is advisable to take the road towards Fort-de-France from the city center. The garden is then easily accessible by following the signposts. Shuttles are also available from the city center for those who do not wish to travel by car. It is recommended to allow half a day to fully enjoy the visit to the garden.

In conclusion, visiting the Balata garden in Martinique is a unique experience that allows visitors to discover the richness of the island's tropical flora. With its discovery trails, points of interest and proposed activities, the Balata garden offers total immersion in the beauty of nature. Visitors also appreciate the services and amenities available on site, as well as the rules to respect to preserve this exceptional place. If you want to discover the tropical flora of Martinique, the Balata garden is a must!