visit Martinique in 15 days

Visit Martinique in 15 days

Martinique, an island located in the Caribbean, is an ideal destination for a sunny and exotic vacation. With its lush landscapes, white sand beaches and unique Creole character, Martinique offers an unforgettable experience. For a 15-day visit, it is important to plan your itinerary carefully in order to make the most of all the wonders that this island has to offer.

When to go to Martinique for a 15-day visit?

The best time to visit Martinique is during the dry season, from December to April. The temperatures are pleasant and there is little rain, which will allow you to fully enjoy all the activities and visit the tourist sites without incident. However, even during the rainy season, Martinique remains a pleasant destination, as the showers are generally short and do not last all day.

Suggested itinerary for a complete tour of Martinique

For a complete visit to Martinique in 15 days, here is a suggested itinerary:

  1. Start your visit in the city of Fort-de-France, the island's capital, where you can discover its bustling market and historic cathedral.
  2. Next, head to the north of the island to visit the Caravelle peninsula, where you'll find hiking trails with spectacular ocean views.
  3. Continue your journey to the town of Saint-Pierre, which was once the capital of Martinique before being destroyed by the eruption of Mount Pelée in 1902. You can visit the ruins of the town and learn more about this tragic history.
  4. Don't miss a visit to the Clément rum distillery, located in the south of the island, where you can discover the process of making Martinican rum and taste some samples.
  5. End your tour in style by exploring the beaches of the island's south coast, such as the famous Anse d'Arlet and Les Salines, renowned for their white sand and crystal clear waters.

Discover the heavenly beaches of Martinique

Martinique is renowned for its heavenly beaches, and it would be a shame not to take advantage of them during your 15-day visit. Among the most beautiful beaches on the island are Anse Céron, a wild beach surrounded by lush tropical forest, and Anse Dufour, a white sand beach where you can swim with sea turtles.

Explore Creole culture through towns and villages

Creole culture is omnipresent in Martinique, and the best way to explore it is to visit the island's towns and villages. Fort-de-France, with its bustling streets and colorful houses, is a good place to start. Also don't miss traditional fishing villages such as Sainte-Anne and Sainte-Luce, where you can sample local dishes and buy artisanal souvenirs.

The essentials of Martinican gastronomy

Martinican gastronomy is a real feast for the taste buds. One of the island's signature dishes is colombo, a Creole curry prepared with fish or meat and local spices. Also don't miss tasting fresh grilled fish, Creole blood sausage and acras, delicious cod fritters.

Activities and attractions to fully enjoy Martinique

In addition to discovering the beaches and Creole culture, Martinique offers many activities and attractions. You can go scuba diving to explore the seabed rich in corals and colorful fish, or hike through the mountains to discover waterfalls and breathtaking landscapes. Don't forget to take the time to relax in the natural hot springs in the town of Saint-Pierre.

In conclusion, a 15-day visit to Martinique will allow you to discover the beauty of this Caribbean island. From heavenly beaches to Creole culture and local gastronomy, Martinique offers a unique and unforgettable experience. Plan your itinerary carefully and take full advantage of everything this island has to offer.