visit to fort saint louis martinique

Visit to Fort Saint Louis Martinique


Fort Saint Louis is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Martinique. Situated on a hill overlooking the bay of Fort-de-France, this historic fort not only offers stunning views of the Caribbean Sea, but also a fascinating dive into the island's history. In this article, we will guide you through a virtual tour of Fort Saint Louis detailing its history, its architecture, the activities and events it offers, as well as practical tips for your visit.

History of Fort Saint Louis Martinique

Fort Saint Louis was built in the 17th century by the French to defend the island from foreign attacks. It played a key role in the battles between European powers for control of colonies in the Caribbean. During the colonial period, the fort was expanded and strengthened several times to face growing threats. Today it is still used by the French Navy and is an important naval base in the region.

Architecture and structure of Fort Saint Louis

Fort Saint Louis is an impressive example of 17th century military architecture. It is built on several levels and includes bastions, ramparts, barracks and stores. The design of the fort was carefully planned to withstand enemy attacks and provide panoramic views of the sea. Visitors can explore the different parts of the fort and see the armory rooms, prison cells and old barracks.

Guided tour of Fort Saint Louis Martinique

During your visit to Fort Saint Louis, you can enjoy a guided tour to learn more about its history and strategic importance. Experienced guides will show you the different parts of the fort and tell you fascinating anecdotes about the battles and personalities who marked its history. The guided tour will also allow you to access areas of the fort normally closed to the public.

Strategic importance of Fort Saint Louis

Due to its strategic position, Fort Saint Louis has witnessed many important events over the centuries. It was the scene of battles between the British and the French, as well as pirate attacks. The presence of the fort allowed France to maintain its control over Martinique and protect its interests in the region. Today, the fort continues to play a crucial role in the defense of Martinique and its territorial waters.

Activities and events at Fort Saint Louis

Besides its historical value, Fort Saint Louis also offers various activities and events for visitors. Temporary exhibitions are regularly organized to highlight the history and culture of Martinique. You can also watch cannon firing demonstrations and other military activities. Additionally, the fort is open during the day to allow visitors to enjoy the panoramic views and stroll through the surrounding gardens.

Practical advice for visiting Fort Saint Louis

When visiting Fort Saint Louis, it is important to wear comfortable shoes as the tour involves walking up and down stairs. It is also recommended to bring water and sunscreen, as sun exposure can be intense on the hill. Guided tours are available in French and English, so it is best to check times before your visit. Finally, don't forget to bring your camera to capture the magnificent views of the bay of Fort-de-France.


Visiting Fort Saint Louis Martinique is an unmissable experience for history lovers and fans of military fortifications. Its fascinating history, impressive architecture and interesting activities make it a must-see during your stay in Martinique. Whether you're interested in war or just want to enjoy stunning views of the Caribbean Sea, Fort Saint Louis is sure to amaze you. Plan your visit now and discover this historic treasure of Martinique.