Visit the beautiful fountain distillery

Located in the Burgundy region, the La Belle Fontaine distillery is a spirits factory founded in 1979. Its production of liqueurs, creams and spirits is recognized for its quality and finesse. If you are a spirits lover, then a visit to La Belle Fontaine is a stop not to be missed.

Discover the La Belle Fontaine distillery

Founded by passionate distillers, the La Belle Fontaine distillery is a family business that has carved out a place for itself in the distilling industry in France. The visit to the distillery will allow you to discover the secrets of their know-how, from the cultivation of raw materials to final production.

The visit begins with a presentation of the history of the distillery and its products. You can then discover the different production workshops, where you can observe the different stages of spirits manufacturing. The experienced guides will explain how the raw materials are selected, how they are processed and how the different spirits are aged.

An exciting experience for spirits lovers

A visit to the La Belle Fontaine distillery is an exciting experience for all spirits lovers. You will be able to taste different samples of liqueurs, crèmes and spirits, and learn to distinguish the different flavors and aromas.

Additionally, you will be able to purchase the distillery's products directly from the factory, which is ideal for making quality gifts or stocking your own bar at home. The distillery also offers tasting classes and workshops for groups, for those who want to learn more about the art of distillation.

In short, a visit to the La Belle Fontaine distillery is an unmissable experience for all spirits lovers. Discover the manufacturing secrets of the best Burgundy spirits and taste unique, superior quality products.

If you are passing through Burgundy, do not hesitate to visit the La Belle Fontaine distillery. You will be able to discover the history of distillation in the region, while tasting exceptional spirits. An experience that will delight all the senses!