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Martinique is famous for its beautiful beaches and unique Creole culture, but did you know that the island is also known for its world-famous cocoa? The cocoa plantations in Martinique offer a unique experience to visitors, allowing them to discover the history and process of chocolate production. In this article, we will explore the history of cocoa in Martinique, world-famous cocoa plantations, the chocolate production process, Martinique cocoa varieties, cocoa tourism in Martinique and unique chocolate tasting experiences.

The history of cocoa in Martinique

The history of cocoa in Martinique dates back to the early days of the island's colonization. French settlers introduced cocoa cultivation in the 17th century, and since then, Martinique has become one of the leading cocoa producers in the Caribbean. The ideal climatic conditions, with a combination of heat and humidity, as well as the island's rich soils, have contributed to the prosperous growth of cocoa in Martinique.

World famous cocoa plantations

Martinique is home to several world-famous cocoa plantations, where visitors can learn about the process of growing cocoa from start to finish. Some of these plantations were established centuries ago and are still in operation today. Visitors have the opportunity to walk through these plantations, learn about the different varieties of cocoa grown and admire the beautiful pods that contain the cocoa beans.

The chocolate production process

Visiting the cocoa plantations in Martinique allows visitors to see the chocolate production process up close. They can learn how cocoa beans are harvested, fermented, dried and roasted before being made into chocolate. Some places also offer chocolate-making demonstrations, where visitors can see how cocoa beans are transformed into tasty chocolate bars.

Discovery of Martinican cocoa varieties

Martinique is known for its wide variety of cocoa, with different varieties having their own unique characteristics. When touring cocoa plantations, visitors can experience these different varieties and learn about their specific aromas, flavors and taste profiles. Some places even offer chocolate tastings, where visitors can taste the different types of chocolate made from Martinican cocoa varieties.

Cocoa tourism in Martinique

Cocoa tourism has become a popular activity in Martinique, attracting many visitors curious to discover the history and production process of chocolate. Many cocoa farms offer guided tours, chocolate making workshops and chocolate tastings. Visitors can also buy chocolate and derived products directly from the plantations, to take home a unique souvenir of their cocoa experience in Martinique.

Unique Chocolate Tasting Experiences

One of the most popular experiences when visiting the cocoa plantations in Martinique is the unique chocolate tasting. Visitors have the opportunity to taste a variety of chocolates, each with their own flavors and nuances. Some places even offer tastings accompanied by wine or rum, providing an unforgettable sensory experience. Whether you are a chocolate lover or simply curious to discover the different flavors of Martinique cocoa, a chocolate tasting in Martinique is a must.


Martinique is a tropical paradise not only for its beaches and culture, but also for its world-famous cocoa. The cocoa plantations in Martinique offer visitors a unique experience, where they can discover the history, the chocolate production process and taste unique chocolates from Martinique cocoa varieties. Whether you are a chocolate lover or simply curious to discover the history and traditions of the island, a cocoa visit to Martinique is an experience not to be missed.