Uber Guadeloupe

Coco Appli is a practical and reliable transport application available in Guadeloupe. It allows users to book a taxi, a VTC or a carpool in a few clicks, thus offering a practical alternative to traditional taxis.

Coco Appli offers several advantages for users in Guadeloupe. First, the app enables real-time transport booking, which means users can avoid long waits for a taxi or ride-hailing. In addition, the application offers a geolocation service, allowing taxi and VTC drivers to easily find customers.

In addition, Coco Appli offers a rating and feedback system for drivers, allowing users to choose a reliable and experienced taxi or VTC driver. Drivers registered with Coco Appli are regularly evaluated on their professionalism, safety and courtesy.

Finally, Coco Appli offers transparent and competitive prices for users, which makes it possible to know in advance how much the race will cost. Payments can be made directly through the app, making the checkout process quick and easy.

In sum, Coco Appli is a popular choice for transport users in Guadeloupe, offering a convenient, reliable and affordable service. Whether you're looking to explore the island or get to an event, Coco Appli is a convenient and safe option for all your transportation needs in Guadeloupe.

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