Transport in Martinique: The measures of the President of the Executive Council for a modern and efficient future

The President of the Executive Council of Martinique, a vision focused on progress and development

Transport in Martinique is a key issue for the development of the island. The Chairman of the Executive Council, a strong advocate of progress and innovation, has taken important steps to improve transport in the region.

The challenges of transport in Martinique

Martinique is an island with a strong dependence on transport. Infrastructure is often of poor quality and congestion is a major problem during peak hours. Private carriers are often poorly regulated, making it difficult to provide efficient service. On the other hand, the Chairman of the Executive Council has implemented measures to improve the situation.

A plan for the future

The President of the Executive Council announced an ambitious plan to modernize and transform transport in Martinique. The plan proposes significant improvements to transportation infrastructure, as well as new technologies to help manage congestion issues. These measures aim to improve the passenger experience, but also to contribute to the economic development of the island.

The role of local businesses

Private transport companies also have an important role to play. The President of the Executive Council encourages local companies to invest in advanced technologies to make their service more efficient. Companies can also benefit from subsidies to improve their vehicles and reduce their environmental impact.


The President of the Executive Council is resolutely turned towards the future and the development of Martinique. Its commitment to transport is a concrete example of this state of mind. Thanks to its ambitious plan and collaboration with the private sector, Martinique has a bright future ahead of it in terms of transport.

  • Modern and efficient transport
  • Grants for local businesses
  • Mitigation of environmental impact

NB: To find out more about the initiatives of the President of the Executive Council for transport in Martinique, please consult the official site of the public administration of Martinique.

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