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  • Serge Letchimy meets the Brazilian Secretary of State for Economic Development
  • Martinique gets a new public transport project
  • The Transport Fair in Martinique: success of the third edition

Transport in Martinique: a priority for economic development

Martinique is investing heavily in transport infrastructure to stimulate economic growth. The recent meeting between Serge Letchimy, local elected official, and the Brazilian Secretary of State for Economic Development underlines the importance of transport for the development of the region.

More sustainable transport alternatives for Martinique

Martinique is increasingly turning to sustainable modes of transport, such as the electric tram. The new transit project will help reduce traffic congestion and greenhouse gas emissions in cities across the region.

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The transport fair in Martinique

The transport fair in Martinique is the unmissable event for professionals in the sector. Each year, the event attracts key transport players in Martinique, the Caribbean and elsewhere.

The importance of an efficient transport system

An efficient transportation system is crucial for Martinique's economic growth. The new transit initiative will help residents and workers get around more easily, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Economic development opportunities for Martinique

With the completion of new public transit projects, Martinique is well positioned to attract new businesses and stimulate economic growth. Investments in transport infrastructure are essential to support the region's long-term growth.