the falls of carbet martinique

Carbet Falls: An enchanting tropical paradise

Welcome to a true tropical paradise, where nature reigns supreme and the beauty is breathtaking. The Carbet Falls, located in Martinique, are a true natural gem not to be missed during your visit to the Antilles. With their crystal clear waters, majestic waterfalls and lush surroundings, these waterfalls transport you to an enchanted world.

The Carbet Falls are made up of three main waterfalls, each offering a unique experience. The first waterfall is the easiest to access and offers a breathtaking view of the lush vegetation that surrounds it. The second waterfall, meanwhile, is a spectacle in its own right with an impressive height of 110 meters. Finally, the third waterfall is the largest and most powerful, with its height of 115 meters creating a deafening noise and a refreshing mist.

Discover the majesty of Martinique’s waterfalls

The Carbet Falls are not only a beautiful place, they are also full of history and legends. According to mythology, the falls get their name from the tragic story of a jilted lover who threw himself from the top of the waterfall. Since then, the tumultuous waters of the Carbet Falls have symbolized a lost and eternal love.

For hiking enthusiasts, the Carbet Falls also offer picturesque trails to explore. As you venture through the lush forest, you can discover an incredibly diverse flora and fauna. Howler monkeys, tropical birds and exotic plants will accompany you throughout your journey, adding a touch of magic to your experience.

Immerse yourself in a bath of freshness in the heart of nature

If you are looking to cool off on hot Martinique days, the Carbet Falls is the ideal place for you. As you approach these powerful waterfalls, you will be enveloped by a cool breeze and a calming atmosphere. Take the time to relax by the water, swim in the natural pools or even indulge in a natural shower under the waterfalls. This unique experience will allow you to recharge your batteries and reconnect with nature.

In conclusion, the Carbet Falls are a true treasure of Martinique. Their majestic beauty, captivating legends and soothing ambiance make them a must-visit place for all nature lovers. Whether you are passionate about hiking, looking for a moment of relaxation or simply looking for discovery, the Carbet Falls promise you an unforgettable experience in the heart of tropical nature.