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The island of Martinique and its exotic cuisine

The island of Martinique, located in the Caribbean, is renowned for its exotic and tasty cuisine. Influenced by the different cultures that have marked its history, Martinican gastronomy offers a variety of colorful and fragrant dishes. Whether you are a fan of meat, fish, or vegetarian dishes, you will definitely find what you are looking for among the quick Martinican recipes you need to know.

Quick Martinican recipes to know

Martinique is full of delicious recipes that are quick and easy to make. Whether you want to prepare a meal for your family or impress your guests at a dinner party, here are some of the Martinican specialties to try.

Smoked chicken, an emblematic dish

Smoked chicken is one of the emblematic dishes of Martinique. This is chicken marinated in a mixture of spices and condiments, then smoked in the traditional way. This smoking process gives it a unique taste and a tender, juicy texture. Accompanied by rice and red beans, smoked chicken is a real delight for the taste buds.

Cod acras, a tasty starter

Cod acras are an essential starter in Martinique. These are small balls made from salted cod, mixed with flour, spices and aromatic herbs. Fried in hot oil, the cod acras are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. They are often served with a spicy sauce to enhance their flavor.

Pork colombo, a traditional spicy dish

Pork colombo is a spicy and fragrant dish, typical of Martinican cuisine. It is prepared from a marinade made from colombo powder, a mixture of spices originating from the West Indies. The pork is then simmered with vegetables, such as potatoes, zucchini and carrots, to obtain tender and flavorful meat. This dish is often accompanied by white rice.

Bokits, typical Martinique sandwiches

Bokits are traditional sandwiches from Martinique. They are prepared with a dough made from flour, yeast, salt and water, then fried in oil. Once cooked, the bokits are filled with meat, fish or vegetables, and decorated with sauces and condiments. They are very popular for their gourmet side and their variety of flavors.

Coconut blancmange, a refreshing dessert

Coconut blancmange is a refreshing and creamy dessert, perfect for a gentle end to a meal. It is prepared from coconut milk, sugar, gelatin and orange blossom water. Once the preparation has cooled and set, the coconut blancmange is unmolded and served with an exotic fruit coulis or fresh fruit. Its light texture and delicate flavor make it a very popular dessert in Martinique.

Avocado fierce, a Creole specialty

Avocado fierce is a Martinican Creole specialty. It is a pureed avocado mixed with desalted cod, onions, garlic, lime and chili pepper. Everything is crushed with a fork until you obtain a creamy and homogeneous texture. Avocado fierce is generally served as a starter, accompanied by bread and raw vegetables.

Fish court broth, a marine delight

Fish court broth is a typically Martinican recipe, which highlights the flavors of the sea. It involves simmering fresh fish, such as red snapper or captain, in a fragrant broth made from onions , tomatoes, lemon, pepper and various aromatic herbs. Fish court broth is often accompanied by white rice and fresh vegetables.

Vegetable accras, a vegetarian alternative

For fans of vegetarian cuisine, vegetable accras are an excellent alternative to cod accras. They are prepared the same way, simply replacing the cod with a mixture of varied vegetables, such as carrots, zucchini, sweet potatoes or eggplant. Vegetable accras are tasty and crispy, and can be enjoyed with a spicy sauce.

Christophine salad, a light and fresh dish

Christophine, also called chayote, is a vegetable very present in Martinican cuisine. It is often prepared in salad, with tomatoes, onions, limes and aromatic herbs. This salad is light and refreshing, and goes perfectly with meat or fish dishes.

Ti'punch and planters, essential cocktails

Finally, to accompany your Martinique meals, don't miss out on tasting the famous ti'punch and planters. The ti'punch is a cocktail made with white rum, cane sugar and lime. It is traditionally served with a zest of lime and a piece of cane sugar. As for the planters, these are cocktails based on rum and tropical fruit juices, such as pineapple, guava or maracuja. They are particularly appreciated for their sweet taste and freshness.

In conclusion, Martinican cuisine offers a multitude of quick and tasty recipes, which will delight the taste buds of lovers of exotic gastronomy. Whether you opt for smoked chicken, cod acras, pork colombo or bokits, you are guaranteed to discover unique and captivating flavors. And don't forget to finish your meal with a delicious Martinique dessert, like coconut blancmange or avocado fierce. Enjoy your food !