promocash martinique

What is Promocash Martinique?

Promocash Martinique is a food distribution brand specializing in wholesale sales. It offers a wide range of food and non-food products intended for professionals in the catering, hotel, community and trade sectors. With several points of sale spread throughout Martinique, Promocash Martinique is a partner of choice for professionals looking for quality products at competitive prices.

History of the Promocash Martinique brand

Promocash Martinique is part of the Promocash group, which is present in mainland France and the French overseas territories. The brand opened its first point of sale in Martinique several years ago and has since experienced constant development. Thanks to its expertise and knowledge of the local market, Promocash Martinique has established itself as a key player in wholesale distribution on the island.

Promocash Martinique: a wide choice of products

At Promocash Martinique, professionals have access to a wide choice of food and non-food products. The brand offers fresh products such as fruit and vegetables, meat, fish and dairy products. It also has a complete range of grocery products, drinks, hygiene and cleaning products, as well as professional equipment. The products offered are rigorously selected for their quality.

The advantages of shopping at Promocash Martinique

Shopping at Promocash Martinique has many advantages for professionals. First of all, the brand offers competitive prices thanks to its wholesale positioning. In addition, Promocash Martinique offers regular promotions on many products, allowing professionals to make substantial savings. Finally, the brand guarantees product availability, thanks to its large network of local and international suppliers.

Promocash Martinique: services offered to professionals

In addition to its wide range of products, Promocash Martinique offers various services to professionals. The brand provides customers with specialized advisors who support them in their choices and specific needs. In addition, Promocash Martinique offers delivery of orders directly to the workplace of professionals, thus facilitating their organization and saving time.

Promotional offers at Promocash Martinique

Promocash Martinique regularly offers promotional offers on different products in its catalog. These offers allow professionals to benefit from attractive discounts on quality products. Promotional offers are renewed regularly and can be viewed on the Promocash Martinique website or directly in store.

How to become a customer at Promocash Martinique?

To become a Promocash Martinique customer, simply go to one of the brand's points of sale and fill out an account opening form. Once the account is created, professionals can access all the services and benefits offered by Promocash Martinique. It is also possible to contact a brand advisor to obtain more information on the procedure to follow.

Opening hours of Promocash Martinique

Promocash Martinique offers opening hours adapted to professionals. The points of sale are open Monday to Saturday, from 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. These hours allow Promocash Martinique customers to do their shopping outside of usual working hours, thus facilitating their organization.

Promocash Martinique: accepted payment methods

Promocash Martinique accepts different payment methods to facilitate transactions. Customers can pay for their purchases in cash, by credit card or by check. The brand also offers payment facilities for professionals who wish, thus allowing them to better manage their cash flow.

Promocash Martinique: commitments to quality

Promocash Martinique is committed to offering quality products to its customers. The brand implements rigorous controls throughout the supply chain, from the selection of suppliers to the placing of products on the shelves. In addition, Promocash Martinique ensures that it complies with current health and safety standards, thus guaranteeing the quality of the products offered.

Promocash Martinique points of sale in Martinique

Promocash Martinique has several points of sale spread throughout the island. Professionals can thus find a point of sale near their establishment, thus facilitating their purchases. The addresses and opening hours of each point of sale can be consulted on the Promocash Martinique website or by contacting the brand directly.

Contact and useful information at Promocash Martinique

To obtain more information on Promocash Martinique, professionals can contact the brand by telephone or email. Contact details are available on the Promocash Martinique website. In addition, the website also offers useful information such as current promotional offers, product catalogs and brand news.

In conclusion, Promocash Martinique is an essential brand for catering, hotel, community and merchant professionals in Martinique. Thanks to its wide range of products, its services adapted to professionals and its commitments to quality, Promocash Martinique meets the needs of professionals by offering them quality products at competitive prices. With its points of sale spread throughout the island, Promocash Martinique is a trusted partner for professionals looking for solutions for their wholesale purchases.