south martinique beaches

INTRO: Martinique, nicknamed the island of flowers, is renowned for its heavenly beaches which attract many tourists every year in search of relaxation and happiness. In this article, we will show you the hidden treasures of the beaches of southern Martinique. Fine sand, turquoise waters and lush vegetation are all elements that will transport you to a true haven of happiness.

The heavenly beaches of the south of Martinique: a haven of happiness!

The south of Martinique is full of breathtaking beaches, offering landscapes worthy of postcards. Among them, the famous Salines beach is a real must-see. With its immaculate white sand and crystal clear waters, it offers a breathtaking panorama. It's the perfect place to bask in the sun and enjoy a refreshing swim. In addition, Salines beach is surrounded by lush vegetation which adds a touch of charm to this true corner of paradise.

Another treasure of the south of Martinique, the beach of Grande Anse du Diamant is a real gem. Its black sand contrasts with the intense blue of the Caribbean Sea, offering a unique landscape. This beach is renowned as a world-famous surfing spot, attracting surfing enthusiasts. But it also remains very popular with families who can take advantage of the warm, shallow waters for swimming in complete safety.

Discover the hidden treasures of the beaches of southern Martinique!

By exploring the south of Martinique, you can also discover lesser-known but equally magnificent beaches. Anse Dufour beach, for example, is a real little corner of paradise. With its white sand and turquoise water, it offers an idyllic setting to relax and enjoy the sun. In addition, this beach is famous for the presence of sea turtles, which makes it a perfect place for snorkeling enthusiasts.

Not far from there, Anse Noire beach is also worth discovering. Its deep black sand is due to the presence of volcanic rocks. This particularity makes this beach unique and gives it an undeniable charm. Diving enthusiasts will be enchanted by the richness of the underwater fauna and flora found there.

OUTRO: In conclusion, the beaches of southern Martinique are true havens of happiness which offer breathtaking landscapes. Whether you are looking for relaxation, adventure or discovery, you will definitely find what you are looking for among these hidden treasures. So, don't wait any longer and set off to discover these heavenly beaches which promise you unforgettable moments.

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