Caravel side sailing trip

The Caravel coast sailing trip is a unique experience which allows you to discover the wonders of the Caravel coast by sailboat. This region of Martinique is known for its magnificent and wild landscapes, its turquoise sea and its white sand beaches. It is an ideal place for nature and sailing lovers, who can enjoy their passion in an exceptional setting.

Caravel side sailing trip: an offshore adventure

The Caravel Coast sailing trip is an offshore adventure that offers a panoramic view of the natural landscapes of the Caravel Coast. Departing from the village of Tartane, the sailors set off on their sailboat towards the famous rocks of the Caravelle Peninsula. This nautical hike is rich in discoveries and allows participants to recharge their batteries in the great outdoors. As the waves roll in, the sails swell and the winds carry the sailors to Anse l'√Čtang, a peaceful bay which offers a breathtaking view of the Caravelle lighthouse.

Discover the wonders of the Caravel coast by sailboat

The Caravel Coast is a region of Martinique which is full of natural treasures. By sailboat, sailors can discover the white sand beaches lined with coconut trees, the shimmering colored cliffs, the wild coves and the seabed rich in corals and tropical fish. This sea excursion is a unique opportunity for sailing enthusiasts to discover this region at the end of the world, far from the beaten track. Throughout the caravel coast sailing trip, sailors are accompanied by a guide who helps them discover the secrets of the region and the specificities of navigation at sea.

The Caravel coast sailing trip is an unforgettable experience which allows you to discover the wonders of the Caravel coast by sailboat. Whether you are an experienced sailor or a beginner, this nautical hike offers you the opportunity to see Martinique from another angle and enjoy the charms of the Caribbean Sea. Don't hesitate to embark on this offshore adventure and explore the hidden treasures of the Caravel coast by sailboat!

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