to do absolutely in martinique

A must do in Martinique

Martinique, located in the Caribbean, is a dream destination for many travelers. With its heavenly beaches, lush flora, captivating history, vibrant Creole culture, exciting water sports and delicious cuisine, the island offers a wealth of activities not to be missed. In this article, we present to you the essential things to do during your stay in Martinique.

The heavenly beaches of Martinique

Martinique is famous for its white sand beaches and turquoise waters. Among the most beautiful beaches on the island is Pointe du Bout beach, ideal for relaxing and enjoying water activities. Salines beach, for its part, is renowned for its preserved landscape and lush vegetation. Finally, Grande Anse beach, with its black sand and powerful waves, is a paradise for surfers. Whether you're looking for peace and quiet or the excitement of water sports, Martinique's beaches will satisfy you.

Discover the richness of Martinique’s flora

Martinique is home to exceptional flora, with a wide variety of tropical plants and colorful flowers. To discover this richness, go to the Balata Garden, where you can stroll among palm trees, orchids and porcelain roses. The Habitation Clément garden is also a magical place, with its shaded paths and French-style gardens. Whether you are passionate about botany or simply a lover of beautiful plants, Martinique offers many opportunities to explore its lush flora.

Explore the island's historic remains

Martinique has a fascinating history, marked by French influence and vestiges of the colonial era. A visit to Fort Saint-Louis, located in Fort-de-France, is a must to discover the history of the island. You can also explore the colonial houses of Saint-Pierre, the former capital of Martinique destroyed by the eruption of Mount Pelée in 1902. Finally, don't miss the Musée de la Pagerie, which traces the history of the French imperial family and Empress Joséphine, born in Martinique.

Immerse yourself in the Creole culture of Martinique

Creole culture is at the heart of Martinique, with its unique music, dance and cuisine. Attend a traditional dance performance, such as bèlè, and let yourself be carried away by the captivating rhythms. Visit the Pottery village and discover the know-how of local artisans who work with clay. Finally, don't miss tasting the typical dishes of Martinique cuisine, such as colombo, Creole boudin or coconut flan. Martinique offers total immersion in Creole culture, for an authentic and enriching experience.

Enjoy water sports and outdoor activities

Martinique is a true paradise for lovers of water sports and outdoor activities. Explore the seabed by scuba diving or snorkeling, and discover exceptional marine fauna and flora. Try kitesurfing or paddleboarding, and feel the unique sensations of gliding on the water. You can also go hiking through the beautiful landscapes of the island, particularly in the Martinique Regional Natural Park. Whether you are a thrill-seeker or simply looking for relaxation, Martinique offers a multitude of activities for all tastes.

Taste the delights of Martinican cuisine

Martinican cuisine is renowned for its richness and exotic flavors. Be sure to try traditional dishes such as colombo, a meat or fish curry with local spices, or boucané chicken, a specialty made from smoked chicken. Also try acras, delicious cod fritters, and accras de bleue, made with sweet potatoes. To accompany your meals, don't forget to taste the famous ti'punch and rum arrangé, two emblematic drinks of Martinique. Martinican cuisine is a real treat for the taste buds, which will delight all gourmets.

In conclusion, Martinique is a dream destination for lovers of heavenly beaches, lush nature, captivating history, Creole culture, exciting water sports and delicious cuisine. Whether you are looking for relaxation, adventure or cultural discoveries, the island offers a multitude of activities not to be missed. So don't wait any longer, and set off to discover this little corner of Caribbean paradise. Martinique impatiently awaits you!