martinique which city to choose

Martinique: which city to choose?

Martinique, a paradise island located in the Caribbean, is full of towns and villages with multiple charms. Whether you are a beach lover, culture lover, nature lover or simply looking for tranquility, Martinique has a city that suits you. Here is an overview of the different towns on the island to help you make your choice.

Geography of Martinique

Martinique is a tropical island of approximately 1,100 square kilometers located in the Lesser Antilles. It is surrounded by the Caribbean Sea to the west and the Atlantic Ocean to the east. The island is mountainous, with a volcanic chain running through the north of the island. This varied geography offers breathtaking landscapes and exceptional biodiversity.

Fort-de-France, the lively capital

Capital of Martinique, Fort-de-France is a dynamic and lively city. Its covered market, the famous Savane market, is a must for lovers of local flavors. The city also offers numerous museums, such as the Museum of History and Ethnography or the Museum of Art and History of Martinique. For architecture lovers, the Saint-Louis Cathedral and the Schoelcher Library are worth the detour.

The charms of Saint-Pierre

Former capital of Martinique, Saint-Pierre is a city with a rich historical past. In 1902, it was destroyed during the eruption of Mount Pelée. Today, Saint-Pierre is a town full of charm, with its cobbled streets, colorful houses and lively market. Don't miss a visit to the Franck Perret museum and the eruption memorial to better understand the tragic history of the city.

Discover the beauty of Trois-Îlets

Located on the southwest coast of the island, Trois-Îlets is a seaside resort renowned for its white sand beaches and turquoise waters. It is also the birthplace of Joséphine de Beauharnais, first wife of Napoleon Bonaparte. You can visit the Maison de la Canne to learn about the history of sugar cane, and stroll through the Creole village to admire the traditional architecture.

The heavenly beaches of Sainte-Anne

Sainte-Anne is a small town located on the south coast of Martinique. It is renowned for its magnificent white sand beaches lined with palm trees, such as Salines beach or Pointe Marin beach. It is the ideal place to relax, swim in crystal clear water and practice water activities.

The calm of Le Carbet

Le Carbet is a small village located on the north coast of Martinique, at the foot of Mount Pelée. Known for its black sand beach and its calm, it is a perfect place to recharge your batteries and enjoy the surrounding nature. You can also visit the Maison de la Montagne Pelée, a museum dedicated to the volcano.

The hidden gems of Sainte-Luce

Located on the south coast of Martinique, Sainte-Luce is a charming little fishing town. It is famous for its fine sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. Sainte-Luce also offers numerous hiking opportunities in the surrounding nature, including the Caps trail or the Morne Larcher hike.

Enjoy nature in Schoelcher

Schoelcher is a small town located on the west coast of Martinique, a few kilometers from Fort-de-France. It is known for its black sand beach and its landscaped park which offers a breathtaking view of the bay of Fort-de-France. Schoelcher is also close to the Martinique Regional Natural Park, where you can indulge in hiking and observing the local fauna and flora.

The cultural attractions of the Diamond

Le Diamant is a commune located on the south coast of Martinique, famous for its famous rock of the same name. You can visit the Diamond Museum to learn more about the history of the island and the abolition of slavery. Diamant Beach, with its black sand and turquoise water, is also an ideal place to relax.

Hiking and nature in Morne-Rouge

Located at the foot of Mount Pelée, Morne-Rouge is a true paradise for hiking and nature lovers. You can venture on the volcano trails to discover spectacular landscapes and admire the exceptional flora of the region. Don't miss a visit to the Volcanological Museum to learn more about the volcano.

Savor the tranquility at Le François

Le François is a commune located on the east coast of Martinique, renowned for its islets and white sea beds. It is the ideal place to practice water activities such as sailing, kayaking or scuba diving. You can also relax on Pointe Faula beach and taste local specialties in the town's restaurants.

The treasures of the Caravelle peninsula

The Caravelle peninsula, located to the east of Martinique, is a true paradise for nature lovers. You can walk in the Caravelle nature reserve and observe many species of birds, plants and marine animals. Tartane beach, with its golden sand and waves, is also very popular with surfers.

In conclusion, Martinique offers a wide diversity of towns and villages to discover, each with its own attractions. Whether you are a fan of beaches, culture, hiking or simply looking for tranquility, you will find what you are looking for on this paradise island in the Caribbean.