martinique kilometer

Martinique Kilometer

The Martinique Kilometer is an iconic monument located on the island of Martinique, in the French West Indies. It is a stone statue which symbolically marks kilometer zero of the island, that is to say the starting point of all the roads of Martinique.

Where is Martinique Kilometer located?

The Martinique Kilometer is located in the city of Fort-de-France, the capital of Martinique. It is located precisely on Place de la Savane, a central and busy public space in the city. Thanks to its strategic location, the statue is easily accessible for locals and tourists.

History and meaning of the Martinique Kilometer

The Martinique Kilometer was erected in 1840 to mark the starting point of the island's roads. At the time, Martinique was a French colony and authorities wanted to create a central reference for measuring distances on the island. The statue therefore symbolizes the importance of road infrastructure in the development of Martinique.

The characteristics of the Martinique Kilometer

The Martinique Kilometer statue is a stone column approximately three meters high. At the top of the column is a bronze sphere representing a compass rose. Inscriptions indicate the distances between kilometer zero and the main towns of the island. The statue is simple and elegant, reflecting the architectural style of the era in which it was built.

The role of the Martinique Kilometer in daily life

The Martinique Kilometer plays an important role in the daily life of Martinicans. It serves as a reference point for travel on the island, allowing residents to easily find their way. In addition, many events and demonstrations take place around the statue, making it a meeting place and a symbol of Martinique.

How is the Martinique Kilometer measured?

The measurement of the Martinique Kilometer is carried out using a network of roads and pre-established distances on the island. Distances between kilometer zero and other cities are calculated using modern mapping tools and geolocation technologies. This data is regularly updated to ensure the accuracy of the information displayed on the statue.

The economic importance of the Martinique Kilometer

The Martinique Kilometer has significant economic importance for the island. As a starting point for roads, it facilitates the movement of goods and people, thus promoting trade and tourism. In addition, the statue attracts many visitors who contribute to the local economy by spending in shops and tourist services.

The challenges of maintaining the Martinique Kilomètre

Like any historical monument, the Martinique Kilometer requires special attention in terms of maintenance. Local authorities are responsible for preserving the statue, ensuring its cleanliness and conservation. Bad weather, pollution and vandalism are all challenges they must face to preserve this symbol of the island.

The advantages and disadvantages of the Martinique Kilometer

The Martinique Kilometer has many advantages for the island. It allows for better organization of travel and promotes economic development. However, some might consider that the statue is a symbol of the colonial past and does not reflect the cultural diversity of Martinique. It is important to take these different perspectives into account for a complete appreciation of the monument.

The tourist impact of the Martinique Kilometer

The Martinique Kilometer has a significant tourist impact. Many visitors specially go to Place de la Savane to see the statue and take photos. The statue is also often included in tourist tours of the island. This contributes to the promotion of Martinique as a tourist destination and the enhancement of its cultural heritage.

How has the Martinique Kilometer evolved over time?

Over time, the Martinique Kilometer has become a strong symbol of Martinican identity. It has stood the test of time and remains an essential landmark for the people of Martinique. Some restorations were carried out to preserve the statue in its original state, but the essence and meaning of the monument remained intact.

Future plans for Martinique Kilomètre

The Martinique authorities continue to support the preservation and development of the Martinique Kilometer. Redevelopment projects for Place de la Savane are underway to strengthen the tourist appeal of the place. In addition, initiatives to raise awareness of the history and significance of the statue are being developed to ensure its sustainability and its role in Martinican identity.

Comparisons with other famous kilometers

The Martinique Kilometer is one of a kind, but it can be compared to other famous kilometers around the world. For example, Kilometer Zero in Paris, which marks the starting point of French roads. These monuments share a similar meaning as a central reference for measuring distances. However, each kilometer has its own unique characteristics and stories, making them unique in their context.


The Martinique Kilometer is an emblematic monument of Martinique, symbolizing the starting point of the island's roads. Its presence on Place de la Savane in Fort-de-France makes it a central landmark for locals and tourists. Over time, the statue has retained its historical significance and its role in the daily life of Martinicans. The Martinique Kilometer has a significant economic and tourist impact, contributing to the development of the island. Future projects aim to preserve and highlight this cultural symbol, while continuing to improve its appeal to visitors. Compared to other famous kilometers in the world, the Martinique Kilometer remains unique and proudly represents the Martinican identity.