Map of Martinique tourist sites

Martinique is a French island located in the Caribbean. It is famous for its white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, lush vegetation and rich cultural heritage. To discover the wonders of this island, a map of the tourist sites of Martinique is essential. In this article, we present to you the essentials of this card.

Map of Martinique tourist sites: presentation

The Martinique tourist sites map is a valuable tool for travelers who want to explore the island. It lists the main tourist sites, historical monuments, museums, beaches, natural parks, restaurants, hotels and activities not to be missed. The map is available online and in tourist offices.

The essentials of the Martinique tourist sites map

Among the essentials of the Martinique tourist sites map, we can mention:

  • White sand beaches: Martinique has many idyllic beaches, such as Salines beach, Grande Anse beach in Arlet, Anse Dufour beach or Pointe Marin beach.

  • Botanical gardens: Martinique is known for its lush vegetation and its numerous botanical gardens. The Jardin de Balata, located a few kilometers from Fort-de-France, is one of the most famous.

  • Historical monuments: Martinique has a rich cultural heritage, marked by the influence of French and African settlers. The most notable historical monuments are the Schoelcher Library, Fort Saint-Louis and Saint-Louis Cathedral.

The Martinique tourist sites map is an essential tool for travelers who wish to discover the wonders of this island. It allows you to plan your stay according to your interests and not to miss the island's must-see attractions. Don't hesitate to get this card on your next trip to Martinique.

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