the three islets

Les Trois Ilets: A heavenly destination in Martinique


Les Trois Ilets is a commune located on the west coast of Martinique, in the Caribbean. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the island, offering a perfect mix of history, culture, dream beaches and water activities. In this article, we will present to you the different facets of this charming town.

Geographical location of Trois Ilets

Located approximately 30 kilometers south of the capital Fort-de-France, Les Trois Ilets benefits from a privileged geographical location. It is nestled between the Caribbean Sea and the green hills of the Diamond Peninsula. This ideal position allows visitors to enjoy both magnificent beaches and breathtaking natural landscapes.

History and origin of Trois Ilets

Les Trois Ilets takes its name from the three islets that make it up: islet à Ramiers, islet Chancel and islet aux Rats. Formerly, the town was the stronghold of the La Pagerie family, from which Joséphine de Beauharnais, first wife of Napoleon Bonaparte, came. Numerous historical remains, such as the Maison de la Canne and the Pagerie, bear witness to this rich past.

Tourist attractions of Trois Ilets

Les Trois Ilets is full of tourist attractions that will delight visitors. Among the must-sees are the Pottery Village, where you can discover local crafts, and the Maison de la Canne, which traces the history of sugar cane. The 18-hole golf course at Trois Ilets Golf Club is also very popular with fans of this sport.

Dream beaches in Trois Ilets

Les Trois Ilets is home to magnificent white sand beaches bordered by turquoise waters. Among the most popular are Anse Mitan Beach, which offers stunning views of Fort-de-France Bay, and Anse Dufour Beach, ideal for scuba diving. Lovers of tranquility will appreciate Anse Noire beach, known for its volcanic black sand.

Water activities to practice in Trois Ilets

Les Trois Ilets is a true paradise for lovers of water activities. You can practice scuba diving, snorkeling, paddle boarding, kayaking and many other activities. The region's crystal clear waters teem with colorful fish and coral reefs, providing a fantastic spectacle for marine life enthusiasts.

Discover the gastronomy of Trois Ilets

Martinican cuisine is renowned for its diversity and exotic flavors, and Trois Ilets is no exception. Visitors will be able to taste traditional dishes such as chicken colombo, Creole blood sausage or the famous cod accras. The town's restaurants also offer fusion cuisine, mixing Creole, French and international influences.

Accommodation available in Trois Ilets

Les Trois Ilets offers a wide choice of accommodation to suit all budgets. Whether you are looking for a luxury hotel, a villa with a sea view or a beachside bungalow, you will certainly find what you are looking for in the town. Many establishments also offer all-inclusive packages for a worry-free vacation.

Shopping and local crafts in Trois Ilets

Les Trois Ilets are renowned for their quality local crafts. Visitors will be able to discover many artisans who work with pottery, wood, fabric and many other materials. The town's shops also offer typical souvenirs such as spices, arranged rums or even cosmetic products made from local products.

Cultural events in Trois Ilets

Throughout the year, Trois Ilets host numerous cultural events. Music, dance and theater festivals allow you to discover the richness of Martinican culture. Don't miss the famous Anse Mitan jazz festival, which brings together local and international artists every year in a festive and friendly atmosphere.

Historical sites to visit in Trois Ilets

Les Trois Ilets is full of historical sites that are worth a visit. La Pagerie, former residence of the family of Joséphine de Beauharnais, is today a museum which traces the life of the woman who would become Empress of the French. The Maison de la Canne allows you to discover the history of sugar cane and its economic importance in the region.

Hikes and natural trails in Trois Ilets

Hiking enthusiasts will be delighted at Trois Ilets. The town offers numerous marked trails which allow you to discover exceptional fauna and flora. Hikers will be able to explore the mangroves, green hills and preserved natural sites of the region. The panoramas offered throughout the trails are breathtaking.

Practical advice for visiting Trois Ilets

When visiting Trois Ilets, remember to bring sunscreen, a hat and a bottle of water, as the sun can be intense in the region. Favor the cooler hours of the day for outdoor activities. It is also recommended to rent a car to be able to easily move around the town and explore the surrounding area.


Les Trois Ilets is an unmissable destination for all lovers of nature, culture and relaxation. Between idyllic beaches, water activities, historical heritage and tasty gastronomy, this Martinican town has everything to seduce visitors looking for a total change of scenery. So, don't wait any longer and set off to discover Trois Ilets!