Martinique's favorite visits

The island of Martinique: a popular destination for travelers

Martinique, an island located in the Caribbean, is a dream destination for many travelers. With its tropical climate, magnificent landscapes and rich culture, it offers a unique experience to all who visit it. Whether you're looking for beautiful beaches, mountain hikes or an immersion in Creole culture, Martinique has it all.

Discover the wonders of Martinique during your visit

A visit to Martinique will allow you to discover breathtaking landscapes. From lush green mountains to impressive waterfalls and lush rainforests, the island is full of natural treasures. Nature lovers will also enjoy the botanical gardens and nature reserves which are home to a wide variety of plant and animal species.

Explore the must-see sites of Martinique

Martinique is full of must-see sites to visit. Among them, the famous Montagne Pelée, an active volcano which offers panoramic views of the island. History buffs will not fail to visit the town of Saint-Pierre, which was destroyed during the eruption of Montagne Pelée in 1902. The town of Fort-de-France, capital of Martinique, is also a a place not to be missed with its cathedral, its market and its lively city center.

Immerse yourself in Martinican history and culture

Martinique has a rich and complex history, marked by French colonization and slavery. A visit to the Maison de la Canne will allow you to learn more about this dark period of the island. To discover Martinican culture, visit the many museums and cultural centers which offer exhibitions on Creole art, music and literature.

Enjoy the heavenly beaches of Martinique

With its turquoise waters and fine sandy beaches, Martinique is a true paradise for lovers of relaxation. Whether you choose Salines beach, Grande Anse beach or Diamant beach, you will always find an idyllic place to relax and swim in warm, crystal clear water.

Taste the delights of Martinican Creole cuisine

Martinique is renowned for its tasty and spicy Creole cuisine. Don't miss out on tasting traditional dishes such as chicken colombo, Creole blood sausage or cod acras. You can also taste fresh exotic fruits such as guava, pineapple or mango. To accompany your meals, don't forget to taste the local rums, renowned throughout the world.

In conclusion, Martinique is a destination that offers many wonders to discover. Whether you're looking for beautiful beaches, an immersion in Creole culture, or an adventure in the great outdoors, you won't be disappointed with your visit. So pack your bags and set off to explore this paradise island.