Guadeloupe 10 days

10-day itinerary in Guadeloupe: Discover the treasures of the archipelago

Guadeloupe is an ideal destination for a 10-day stay. Between its heavenly beaches, its lush nature and its Creole culture, this Caribbean archipelago offers a multitude of treasures to explore. Here is a suggested itinerary to fully enjoy your stay in Guadeloupe:

Day 1: Pointe-à-Pitre and the colorful markets

Start your trip by discovering the lively city of Pointe-à-Pitre. Stroll through the alleys, visit the spice and exotic fruit market, and soak up the local atmosphere. Don't miss out on tasting Guadeloupean specialties in one of the city's typical restaurants.

Day 2: Carbet Falls and the tropical forest

Go on an adventure in the rainforest and discover the impressive Carbet Falls. These majestic waterfalls offer a grandiose spectacle in the heart of Guadeloupean nature. Take the opportunity to go hiking and explore the surrounding trails.

Day 3: The beaches of Grande-Terre

Explore the coast of Grande-Terre and discover its magnificent white sand beaches. Make a stop at Sainte-Anne beach, renowned for its turquoise waters and tropical atmosphere. Enjoy the sun, swimming and water activities.

Day 4: The islands of Petite-Terre

Embark on an excursion to the islands of Petite-Terre, a true unspoiled paradise. Enjoy a relaxing day on the sandy beaches, discover marine wildlife while snorkeling, and observe turtles and birds in their natural environment.

Day 5: Basse-Terre and the national park

Go to Basse-Terre, the mountainous part of Guadeloupe. Explore the national park, with its hiking trails, waterfalls and stunning scenery. Don't miss visiting the famous Crayfish waterfall and swimming in its refreshing waters.

Day 6: The Saintes Islands

Treat yourself to a getaway to the Îles des Saintes, a picturesque archipelago located off the coast of Guadeloupe. Enjoy the tranquility of these islands, explore the white sandy beaches, taste the local cuisine and admire the panoramic view from Fort Napoléon.

Day 7: The Botanical Gardens of Deshaies

Visit the Deshaies botanical gardens, a true tropical Eden. Stroll among exotic plants, colorful flowers and majestic trees. Take the time to relax in this haven of peace and admire the beauty of the surrounding nature.

Day 8: The beaches of Marie-Galante

Explore the island of Marie-Galante, known for its beautiful beaches and traditional rum. Enjoy a lazy day on the white sand beaches, discover the rum distilleries and taste this emblematic drink of Guadeloupe.

Day 9: Water activities in Saint-François

Go to Saint-François, a town popular for its water activities. Try kitesurfing, windsurfing or go on a catamaran excursion to discover the neighboring islands. Also enjoy the marina's lively restaurants and bars.

Day 10: Last day at the beach

End your stay in Guadeloupe in style by spending a relaxing day on one of the superb beaches of the archipelago. Enjoy the sun, warm sand and crystal clear water to recharge your batteries before setting off again.

Explore Guadeloupe for 10 days

This 10-day itinerary program in Guadeloupe will allow you to discover the treasures of this Caribbean archipelago. Between heavenly beaches, lush nature, Creole culture and water activities, Guadeloupe offers a diversity of unforgettable experiences. Prepare your trip, embark on this adventure and let yourself be enchanted by the beauty of Guadeloupe.

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