Hiking volcano mountain pelee morne rouge

Hiking volcano mountain pelee morne rouge

Hiking is a physical and pleasant activity for discovering natural landscapes. Hikers are often looking for new things and challenges. Hiking on the slopes of the Montagne Pelée volcano and discovering Morne Rouge is an adventure that promises enriching experiences.

Hike on the slopes of the Montagne Pelée volcano

Montagne Pelée is a now dormant volcano located in the north of Martinique. Hiking its slopes is a popular activity for tourists and locals. The hiking trail is well marked and has information panels on the geology, local flora and fauna. The hike is demanding and requires good physical condition, but it is accessible to all hikers who are ready to face the difference in altitude. Hikers can admire spectacular scenery of the White River Valley and the Caribbean Sea. At the end of the route, hikers can discover the town of Saint-Pierre, which was destroyed by the eruption of the volcano in 1902.

Discovery of Morne Rouge and its unique landscapes

Le Morne Rouge is a village located on the heights of Martinique. It offers spectacular views of Mount Pelée and the Caribbean Sea. The village is known for its local market, where visitors can buy fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as artisan products. Hikers can also visit the Balata Botanical Garden, which is home to plant species endemic to Martinique. The landscapes of Morne Rouge are unique and offer an unforgettable experience for hikers.

Hiking volcano mountain pelee morne rouge

Hiking on the slopes of Montagne Pelée and exploring Morne Rouge are activities not to be missed during a trip to Martinique. They offer enriching experiences for nature and hiking lovers. The spectacular landscapes and rich local flora and fauna make it an unforgettable adventure. However, hikers must prepare themselves physically and find out about the weather conditions before embarking on the adventure.

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