Festive events in Guadeloupe

Traditional festivities in Guadeloupe

Guadeloupe is renowned for its colorful and lively traditional festivities which reflect the cultural richness of the archipelago. These events, anchored in Guadeloupean history and traditions, offer a unique opportunity to discover and celebrate the cultural heritage of the island.


Carnival is undoubtedly the most emblematic and festive event in Guadeloupe. Celebrated for several weeks, it is marked by extravagant costume parades, wild dances and an electric atmosphere. The festivities culminate with the huge Mardi Gras parade, where the streets are transformed into an explosion of color and sound. Don't miss the famous "skin groups" who wander through the streets to music, covered in paint and mud.

Easter celebrations

Easter celebrations in Guadeloupe are a special time to celebrate religion and traditions. Churches are adorned with flowers and the faithful gather to attend processions and masses. Families also gather around a festive meal where Guadeloupean culinary specialties are in the spotlight, such as Creole blood sausage and coconut flan. Children also take part in the traditional egg hunt, where they must find the delicious treasures hidden in the gardens.

The Cooks’ Festival

The Fête des Cuisinières is a unique celebration that pays tribute to Guadeloupean women and their central role in local gastronomy. During this day, the cooks proudly wear their traditional dresses, called "madras dresses", and prepare delicious Creole dishes to share with the community. This is an opportunity to discover and taste typical Guadeloupean dishes, such as chicken colombo, cod acras and coconut flan.

Sailor's Day

Sailors' Day is a celebration that pays tribute to Guadeloupean sailors and the importance of the sea in the daily life of the archipelago. For several days, regattas and nautical competitions are organized, attracting sailors from all over Guadeloupe. The festivities are marked by traditional boat parades, sailboat races and tastings of maritime specialties, such as mangrove crab and fish broth.

The Cooks’ Festival

The Fête des Cuisiniers is an unmissable event for lovers of gastronomy. During this festival, local chefs come together to share their know-how and discover the flavors of Guadeloupe. Culinary demonstrations, tastings and cooking competitions are organized for the greatest pleasure of the taste buds. It’s an opportunity to meet the best chefs in the archipelago and taste refined dishes prepared with local ingredients.

The festival of Music

The Fête de la Musique is a major event in Guadeloupe, where music is omnipresent in the culture. During this day, the streets, bars and public squares fill with catchy melodies and wild rhythms. Free concerts are held throughout the island, showcasing talented local artists. It’s an opportunity to dance to the sound of zouk, reggae, gwoka and many other Guadeloupean musical styles.

Discover the unmissable cultural events

Guadeloupe is full of unmissable cultural events that combine traditions, art and music to offer unique experiences to visitors. These festivals celebrate the cultural diversity of the archipelago and highlight the talent of local artists.

The Gwo Ka Festival

The Gwo Ka Festival is a major event in Guadeloupean culture which highlights gwoka, a traditional musical genre of the archipelago. For several days, concerts, workshops and percussion competitions are organized to celebrate this ancestral art. Festival-goers can participate in dancing and singing sessions, discover the captivating rhythms of gwoka and immerse themselves in Guadeloupean culture.

The Land of Blues Festival

The Terre de Blues Festival is an unmissable event for music and blues lovers. Every year, internationally renowned artists perform on the stages of Guadeloupe to offer exceptional concerts. The festival also offers art exhibitions, workshops and conferences to allow visitors to discover the cultural richness of the archipelago and immerse themselves in the musical world of blues.

The Leeward Coast Festival

The Windward Coast Festival is an artistic event that highlights the culture and traditions of the Basse-Terre region. For several days, concerts, dance performances, art exhibitions and craft demonstrations are offered to visitors. It is an opportunity to discover local artistic talents, admire unique works of art and participate in workshops to learn traditional craft techniques.

The Night of the Story

Storytelling Night is a magical event where legends and traditional Guadeloupean tales are told by talented storytellers. For one evening, spectators are transported into a marvelous universe, where captivating stories come to life thanks to the power of words. It’s an opportunity to discover the richness of Guadeloupe’s oral heritage and immerse yourself in a fantastic world where mythical creatures and legendary heroes come to life.

The Cannes Festival

The Cane Festival is an event that pays homage to the history of sugar cane in Guadeloupe. For several days, exhibitions, demonstrations and workshops are organized to introduce visitors to the importance of sugar cane in the economy and culture of the archipelago. It’s an opportunity to learn rum-making techniques, taste sugar cane products and take part in fun activities for the whole family.

The Independence Festival

The Independence Festival is an event that celebrates the pride and freedom of Guadeloupe. For several days, concerts, parades, exhibitions and conferences are organized to commemorate the independence of the archipelago. It is an opportunity to discover the history of Guadeloupe, to meet important political and cultural figures and to participate in debates on the future of the archipelago.

Immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere of Guadeloupe

Guadeloupe is an ideal destination for lovers of parties and a festive atmosphere. Throughout the year, the archipelago vibrates to the rhythm of festivities and lively events. Immerse yourself in this warm and joyful atmosphere and let yourself be carried away by the music, dance and Guadeloupean traditions.

Guadeloupean music

Music is at the heart of Guadeloupean culture and it is omnipresent in the festivities of the archipelago. Zouk, reggae, gwoka and soca are an integral part of Guadeloupe's musical identity and are played during popular festivals and concerts. Let yourself be carried away by the catchy rhythms and captivating melodies of

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