neisson distillery

Neisson Distillery

The Neisson distillery is one of the oldest rum distilleries in Martinique. Founded in 1931, it is renowned for the exceptional quality of its agricultural rums. In this article we will explore the history of the Neisson Distillery, its location, its production methods, the different types of rums produced, the ingredients used, the aging process, accolades and awards, the philosophy of the distillery, guided tours, organized events, partnerships and collaborations, as well as Neisson's environmental commitment.

History of the Neisson distillery

The Neisson distillery was created in 1931 by the Neisson brothers, who inherited a family tradition of rum production since 1884. Since its creation, the distillery has remained in the hands of the Neisson family, and it is today managed by Grégory Neisson, the fourth generation of the family. Over the years, the distillery has preserved traditional methods of producing agricultural rum, while adapting to new technologies.

The location of the Neisson distillery

The Neisson distillery is located in the commune of Carbet, in the northwest of Martinique. This region is known for its tropical climate ideal for growing sugar cane, the main ingredient used in the production of agricultural rum. The sugar cane plantations surrounding the distillery benefit from rich volcanic soil and pure spring water, which contributes to the high quality of the rums produced by Neisson.

The production methods used

Neisson uses traditional production methods to create its agricultural rums. The sugar cane is harvested by hand and immediately pressed to extract the cane juice. This juice is then fermented naturally for several days before being distilled in copper stills. This distillation method preserves the natural flavors and unique characteristics of sugar cane.

The types of rums produced by Neisson

The Neisson distillery offers a wide range of agricultural rums, ranging from white to old. White rum is the youngest and is often used for cocktails. Old rums are aged in oak barrels for several years, which gives them complex aromas and a smooth texture. Neisson also offers flavored rums, such as passion fruit rum or ginger rum.

Ingredients used in manufacturing

Neisson uses exclusively fresh, local sugar cane to make its rums. The distillery does not add any additives or sugar after fermentation. This choice of quality allows us to preserve the authenticity and very essence of agricultural rum.

The aging process of rums

Neisson rums are aged in French oak barrels, which bring subtle aromas and an amber color to the rums. The duration of aging varies depending on the type of rum produced. Some rums are aged for three years, while others can reach up to twelve years of aging. This attention to aging contributes to the complexity and richness of Neisson rums.

Neisson’s distinctions and awards

The Neisson distillery has won numerous distinctions and awards for the quality of its rums. She was notably rewarded with the gold medal at the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles and numerous prizes at the Rum Fest in Paris. These awards demonstrate the constant excellence of the rums produced by Neisson.

The philosophy of the Neisson distillery

The philosophy of the Neisson distillery is based on respect for tradition and nature. The distillery is committed to preserving traditional production methods and promoting local and sustainable agriculture. Neisson is also committed to the quality of its products and the satisfaction of its customers, by offering high-end rums of great aromatic diversity.

Guided tours of the distillery

Neisson offers guided tours of its distillery, allowing visitors to discover all the stages of agricultural rum production. Visitors can observe the sugarcane harvest, fermentation, distillation and aging process. At the end of the visit, a tasting of the different rums is offered, allowing visitors to discover the different flavors and aromas produced by Neisson.

Events organized by Neisson

The Neisson distillery regularly organizes events to share its passion for agricultural rum with the general public. Tasting workshops, masterclasses, concerts and exhibitions are organized throughout the year. These events allow rum lovers to discover the diversity and richness of Neisson products.

Neisson’s partnerships and collaborations

Neisson collaborates with other renowned brands and distilleries to create special editions and unique rums. These collaborations allow us to explore new flavors and push the boundaries of agricultural rum creation. Neisson notably collaborated with the Maison du Whiskey to create a limited edition of rum aged in bourbon barrels.

Neisson's environmental commitment

Neisson is committed to a sustainable and environmentally friendly development approach. The distillery uses cultivation techniques that respect the ecosystem and ensures the preservation of natural resources. Neisson has also invested in more energy-efficient production equipment and reduced its carbon footprint through recycling and waste reduction measures.

In conclusion, the Neisson distillery is a true jewel of Martinique, producing agricultural rums of exceptional quality. Thanks to its commitment to tradition, quality and the environment, Neisson has established itself as one of the references in the world of agricultural rum. Whether during a distillery tour, tasting or event, Neisson offers a unique experience to all rum lovers.