Discovery local Guadeloupe cuisine

The Creole cuisine of Guadeloupe is a unique and enriching culinary experience for every visitor. The traditional dishes of Guadeloupe reflect the culture and history of this Caribbean island. In this article, we present to you the local specialties not to be missed and how to discover traditional Guadeloupean cuisine.

Discovery of traditional Guadeloupean cuisine

Traditional Guadeloupean cuisine has its origins in African, European and Native American culinary practices. The basic ingredients are rice, beans, vegetables, fruits, fish, chicken, crab, lobster, spices and herbs. Guadeloupe dishes are often spicy and offer unique flavors.

The national dish of Guadeloupe is "Colombo", which contains a base of meat or fish, marinated in a spicy sauce made of turmeric, cumin, coriander, and chili pepper. It is usually served with rice and cassava. Another popular dish is "Boucané", which is smoked pork, served with red beans and rice. The desserts of Guadeloupe are also remarkable, such as the "Tourment d'Amour" which is a coconut and cane sugar tartlet.

Local specialties not to be missed during your stay in Guadeloupe

During your trip to Guadeloupe, it is important to taste the local specialties to have a complete culinary experience. A must-try dish is the “Grilled Fish”, which is fresh fish grilled and served with raw vegetables and rice. The “Bokit” is also a delicious snack not to be missed. It is made from a fried dough filled with meat, fish or vegetables.

The “Ti Punch” is a local cocktail made with rum, cane sugar and lime. This is a must-have for those who love strong alcohol. Finally, the “Coconut Sorbet” is a refreshing and light dessert, perfect for hot summer days. It is made with grated coconut and served in a coconut shell.

Guadeloupean cuisine is an unforgettable experience for all food lovers. Local dishes and specialties are a celebration of the island's culture and history. So, during your visit to Guadeloupe, don't forget to discover the local traditional cuisine.

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