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Fort-de-France, the jewel of Martinique


The Fort de France, located in the heart of the eponymous city, is a historic monument which testifies to the glorious past of Martinique. Built in the 17th century, this fort today constitutes a true testimony to the history of the island. Boasting impressive architecture and a strategic location, it played a major role in the defense of the island and became a symbol of the city of Fort-de-France.

Location of Fort de France

Fort de France is located on the west coast of the island of Martinique, in the Caribbean. It overlooks the bay of Fort-de-France, offering a breathtaking view of the Caribbean Sea. Its elevated position allowed it to monitor enemy movements and protect the city of Fort-de-France.

History of the Fort de France

The construction of Fort de France dates back to the 17th century, when French colonists began to settle on the island of Martinique. Originally, the fort was a simple wooden redoubt intended to protect the city from enemy attacks. Over the centuries, it has been enlarged and reinforced to face the various threats weighing on the island.

Architecture of the fortification

The Fort de France is a remarkable example of 17th century military architecture. It is built of cut stone and has star-shaped fortifications, which gives it great resistance. The fort is made up of several buildings, including a barracks, a powder magazine and a chapel. Visitors can also admire the cannons that were used to defend the fort.

Strategic role of the fort

Due to its geographical position, Fort de France had a vital strategic role in the defense of the island of Martinique. It made it possible to monitor enemy movements and protect the city of Fort-de-France from attacks. For many years, the fort served as the island's main point of defense, playing a vital role in maintaining the security of the colony.

Evolution of the fort over the centuries

Over the centuries, Fort de France has undergone numerous modifications and extensions. In the 18th century it was expanded during the reign of Louis XIV, with the addition of new fortifications and additional buildings. In the 19th century, during the colonial period, the fort was modernized to respond to new threats. Today, the Fort de France is a harmonious blend of different architectural styles, reflecting its evolution over the centuries.

Economic importance of the Fort de France

The Fort de France plays a major economic role for the eponymous city. Besides attracting many tourists, the fort is also used for cultural events and exhibitions. It thus contributes to the promotion of Martinique's cultural heritage and generates economic benefits for the region.

Personalities linked to Fort de France

The Fort de France has witnessed remarkable visits by historical figures. Among them, we can cite Empress Joséphine de Beauharnais, who was born in Fort-de-France and whose family was linked to the fort. Other personalities, such as Aimé Césaire, one of Martinique's greatest poets, have also marked the history of the city and contributed to the fame of the fort.

Guided tour of Fort de France

It is possible to visit Fort de France, which is open to the public all year round. Guided tours allow visitors to discover the fort's fascinating history, unique architecture and panoramic views. The guides also explain the strategic role of the fort and its importance in the history of Martinique.

Tourist activities near the fort

Near the Fort de France, visitors can enjoy a wide range of tourist activities. The city itself offers many restaurants, shops and museums to discover. The white sand beaches and crystal clear waters of Martinique are also easily accessible from the fort.

Fort de France renovation projects

The Fort de France is currently being renovated in order to preserve this precious historical heritage. Work is underway to restore the buildings, strengthen the fortifications and highlight the architecture of the fort. These renovation projects will help keep the fort in good condition and preserve it for future generations.

Conservation of the heritage of Fort de France

The conservation of the heritage of Fort de France is a priority for local authorities. Steps are being taken to protect the fort from damage caused by time and to preserve its historical integrity. Awareness activities are also carried out to inform the public about the importance of the fort and encourage its preservation.

Impact of the fort on the city of Fort-de-France

The Fort de France has a significant impact on the eponymous city. It has become an iconic symbol of Martinique, attracting visitors from around the world and contributing to the economic development of the region. In addition, the fort reminds all residents of Fort-de-France of their history and heritage, thus reinforcing their sense of belonging to the city.


The Fort de France is much more than a simple historical monument, it is a symbol of the history and culture of Martinique. Its impressive architecture, its strategic role and its impact on the city of Fort-de-France make it an essential place to visit during a stay on the island. The preservation of the fort and its heritage is essential to preserve the memory of Martinique and to allow future generations to discover its glorious past.

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