beach of pointe marin martinique

INTRO: Discover the sublime Pointe Marin Beach in Martinique!

Martinique is renowned for its magnificent beaches with crystal clear waters and exotic landscapes. Among these gems is the sublime Pointe Marin Beach, a true marvel on the Caribbean coast. With its pristine white sand, majestic palm trees and turquoise water, this beach is a true tropical paradise. Whether you are looking for relaxation, swimming or water sports, Pointe Marin Beach will satisfy you. Come discover this little corner of paradise where natural beauty and warm atmosphere combine!

Tropical paradise on the Caribbean coast: Pointe Marin Beach.

Located in the south of Martinique, in the commune of Sainte-Anne, Pointe Marin Beach is a true jewel of the Caribbean coast. With a length of approximately 1.5 kilometers, this beach is one of the most beautiful on the island. Its fine white sand invites relaxation and contemplation. The palm trees that line the beach provide welcome shade for resting away from the tropical sun. The calm, crystal clear waters of Pointe Marin Beach are perfect for swimming, snorkeling or simply cooling off.

Water sports enthusiasts will also find what they are looking for on Pointe Marin Beach. Whether you are a fan of jet-skiing, windsurfing or paddle boarding, you can enjoy the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea to practice your favorite activities. In addition, many local providers offer boat trips to discover the region's marine riches, such as coral reefs and shipwrecks.


Pointe Marin Beach is a true tropical paradise that offers an unforgettable experience to visitors looking for relaxation, swimming and nautical adventures. Whether you are alone, as a couple, with family or friends, this beach will seduce you with its natural beauty and its warm atmosphere. Take advantage of the fine sand, turquoise water and palm trees to recharge your batteries and marvel at this corner of Martinique paradise. Don't miss visiting Pointe Marin Beach during your stay in Martinique, you won't regret it!